Wild and Abstract
Cotswold Hare Trail

Penny from Hare-ven


Penny from Hare-ven is derived from my research into our wonderful Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Penny, has been inspired by the plant Cotswold Pennycress which is a plant of special interest. It's found in the limestone areas of the Cotswolds, but can only be found in a few areas and is protected. My love of the Cotswold countryside comes from years of riding through it on horseback, and I'm proud to be involved in this wonderful hare trail to help support the A.O.N.B. survival and its preservation for the next generation of nature lovers. This Hare will be painted using acrylics, keeping the background colours of golden cream and a grey/green representing the Cotswold walls where the plant is found. The plant has dainty white flowers, amazing green foliage and fantastic seed pods which I intend to show as each stage of this plants life cycle. I'm hoping that this will also encourage children and adults alike to look a little harder when walking in the Cotswolds and discover the diverse wildlife we have in the area.



Flutt-hare-bye is a play on the word flutterbye, which I and many others used as a child to call butterflies. Growing up around horses and riding on the bridleways through the local butterfly nature reserve I decided my design for this hare would be based on butterflies we can see in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. I will use acrylic paints to replicate the fantastic colours that are seen on these pollinators, which are so important to our ecosystem but are beginning to get harder to spot. Rather than just painting them as a whole, I wanted to use the patterns and colours in my abstract style so it's a little less obvious which patterns of these stunning butterflies I have used. I'm hoping that this will encourage discussions with children and adults alike about the beauty in small creatures of nature. There is nothing like the excitement of children, or even adults, finding, learning and watching the development of a caterpillar into a chrysalis then turning into a moth or a butterfly.

Cotswold Hare Trail 2018