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Memory Boxes

The memory boxes I have made so far have been bespoke and produced to individual requirements. I have produced a line drawing for appoval prior to transfering onto the box. Once this process has been done and approval met, I then move forward, with no turning back. Colours sometimes can be specified but usually the colours (if not pre arranged especially the name) are upto me.
I use only waterbased products and the boxes are left natural on the inside so as not to taint any future contents. I suggest bees wax polish on the inside but only once dry and aired can contents be added. The outside is varnished to protect the design and name but this is also waterbased. I use matt as to enhance the design.
Boxes from my supplier can either come with a clasp attached or not. If not then I supply this separately. Please note I can not guarantee which box will be supplied.

If you have any questions regarding Memory Boxes please use the website contact form.


I produced this box after a very good friend wanted one to give to her first Granddaughter. I was specifically asked to reproduce a Disney scene but due to copyright this is not a saleable item. This was the beginning of my idea to produce bespoke memory boxes.


This was a commission and the brief was to design a box to match the interior of a nursery. This was for Karen and Nigel's Grandson and a surprise Christening present for Rafferty's mum and dad.


A work colleague had surprising news of the arrival of a baby Brother and so was hoping I would be able to produce a box as a gift. She knew what she wanted and provided me with the image for the design.


This box was the second gift for a friend who I had also produced the 'Charlie' box for. Nick and Jo had a second boy in the family and I had the chance to provide a second box as a gift.


I produced this as a private gift for a friend who was due to have her first child. This was not a sold item.


This was a private commission and the brief was to include two owls to represent the wise Grandparents, the 4 pet guinea pigs, and the two pet tabby cats. I was asked to use Eleanor's favourite colour for her name. This was to be a Christmas present so that Grandparents gifts and family memorabilia could be stored in it safely. The end result was much loved by Eleanor!


This was a private commission and the brief was to include farm animals, a duck or ducks and a Golden Labrador. For the overall design I was given free range (excuse the organic pun). Once the memory Box had arrived via courier I received the following feedback "It's arrived, absolutely love it! Thank you so so so much!!!!"