Cotswold Hare Trail

"The Cotswolds Conservation Board teamed up with the Hare Trail organisers to help conserve,  enhance, explore and enjoy the special qualities of the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), whilst encouraging everyone from art aficionados and nature lovers to social media snappers to visit new attractions, hidden hills and valleys, quiet corners and busy market towns along the trail.

As in previous years, scores of spring hare sculptures and leverets were sponsored by local businesses, attractions, schools, colleges and community groups, and decorated by inspired local artists, before being dotted throughout the Cotswolds in a unique art installation for all to enjoy for almost four and a half months. At the end of the trail, the sculptures were gathered in for a public Farewell to the Hares event, before being auctioned off to raise money for the Caring for the Cotswolds visitor giving scheme and Glorious Cotswold Grasslands; delivering a unique and tailored project to transform the fortunes of our wonderful flower rich grasslands."

The Hares

"To be asked to submit designs for this wonderful project, was exciting and daunting, but to be involved in raising awareness of local conservation of the beautiful cotswolds AONB was something I jumped at."

Penny from Hare-ven

The unusual plant, Cotswold Penny Cress found in a few areas of the Cotswolds, was the perfect inspiration for this hare. Designed in memory of an ex-colleague Penny Rawlinson. 

In the studio

The hare sculptures were rather large. They stood 5ft high and about 2.5 ft wide.

Trying to get these through the studio doorway was a challenge. But nothing compared to trying to work on them at the same time in a small room!


Everyone loves seeing colourful butterflies in the garden, so inspiring the young in butterfly conservation had been the starting point for this design.



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